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Unfortunately, blocked drains are a common problem across the Gold Coast. An issue such as a blocked and overflowing toilet is an invonenvinece and disruption for both your time and daily lifestyle. Not only that, but blocked drains are also breeding ground for bacteria, so it is imperative that you fix the blockage immediately, as delaying the issue could negatively affect your health.

There are a number of reasons why a drain becomes blocked, such as:

Tree roots – Tree roots are drawn to the moisture and condensation on the outside of drains. The roots are strong enough to break and enter the pipes, and eventually block the drain.

Hair – Over time, hair lost during showers or lost whilst getting ready over your bathroom sink, builds up and inevitably clogs the drain.

Grease – So many of us pour grease from dirty pans down the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, this costly mistake results in the grease cooling, solidifying and building up to a point where no liquid can pass through, causing the pipes and drains to block.

Broken or damaged pipes – Tree roots, poor installation, movement in the ground, and general wear and tear can cause damage to pipes in your home.

Toiletries – Sadly, we are still flushing items that do not break down when flushed. Even wipes that are labelled as ‘flushable’ are not safe to flush, as they can still contribute to or cause a blockage in your drains. A great way to remember what to flush is the three Ps: Poo, Pee & (toilet) Paper. Items that do not break down like toilet paper can block your drain, leaving you with a much larger problem on your hands.


Fosters Plumbing - Specialist Blocked Drain Plumbers on the Gold Coast

The first step in unblocking your drain is to assess the problem itself. For most cases we will use speciality drain cameras to identify the cause of the blockage, helping to provide you with the most effective solution for your specific situation. These drain cameras allow us to carefully navigate the bends of your piping to discover the source of the problem, taking the guesswork out of the job. The cameras can also be utilised once the solution has been implemented, to guarantee that your drain is back to perfect operating condition.

It must be noted that not all plumbers in Pacific Pines use these cameras, unfortunately resulting in a less professional job completed. Carrying out a plumbing job without using these cameras can end up costing you more money in the long run, as plumbers cannot be certain what is the cause of the blockage, thus risking the entire integrity of your plumbing. Rest assured that Fosters Plumbing always carries the correct tools for the job, ensuring that we identify the issues and have your blocked drain back to normal in no time.

Fosters Plumbing is committed to delivering a comprehensive set of plumbing services to assist with blocked drains on the Gold Coast. We offer long lasting blocked drain solutions in and around the Gold Coast, to guarantee the continued and uninterrupted water flow of your plumbing system at home.

If you are experiencing troubles with a blocked drain on the Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the expert blocked drain plumbers at Fosters Plumbing on 0415 169 603.