The Real Causes and Effects of a Leaky Tap

Just about everyone has experienced the frustration that an annoying leaky tap can cause in your home. However, many are unaware of the real causes behind them, and how a leaking water service such as Fosters Plumbing can help you avoid some serious harmful effects that a leaky tap can create. By taking you through some of these common causes of a leaky tap, and demonstrating how they can have a significant effect on your home on the Gold Coast, we hope to steer you away from the problem in the future. 

Leaking tap

Causes of a leaky tap

There are a number of ways that your taps at home can begin to start showing signs of wear by slowly dripping or producing a leak. Worn-out washers are one of the most common causes of a leaky tap, where the friction caused between the washer and the valve seat causes the washer to wear down. There’s also the possibility that the washer was installed incorrectly in the first place, causing that annoying little drip. Always check to see whether you have the correct sized washer in place and replace old washers as they begin to wear down. 

Another common cause of a leaky tap is from a faulty o-ring. This is the little disc that is joined to the stem screw, helping to hold the handle of your tap secured in place. You may be able to see the tap handle itself leaking in this case, as a loose or worn down o-ring could be your leaky tap culprit. A corroded valve seat may also be causing the problem as a buildup of water sediment can often lead to corrosion, resulting in a leak. 

Effects of a leaky tap 

Despite their seemingly harmless presence, leaky or dripping taps can create some pretty devastating effects on your home. As well as being a constant annoyance, leaky taps can lead to a buildup of mould, thanks to the damp areas that the moisture from the tap can create. These damp or mouldy areas are a breeding ground for insects and other bacteria, inviting potentially significant damage to your home and the health of your loved ones. 

Leaking water can also lead to structural damage to your property, as water can have an impact on your walls, floors and foundations if left untreated. This sort of damage can often go unnoticed until it has turned int a large problem, so it’s important to have a professional in to assess your problem as soon as you start to notice a leaky tap. 

How much water is wasted by a dripping tap? 

Water wastage is one of the main effects of a leaky or dripping tap. This problem could be taking a big toll on both the environment and your water bill. It’s estimated that a singular leaky tap could waste up to 10,000 litres of water each year. If this issue isn’t fixed quickly, you can see that water bill build quickly starting to mount up. Even the smallest of leaks in your home can contribute to a larger problem of water wastage in a nation that already struggles with its water usage. 

Leaking tap

Fosters Plumbing – Leaking Water Service on the Gold Coast 

Although there are certain things that you can be doing to minimise the likelihood of encountering a leaky tap at home, there are certain circumstances where you need the help of a professional for leaking water service. The experienced plumbers at Fosters Plumbing can help to resolve your leaky tap issue efficiently, providing you with long term solutions and advice to keep your taps in top condition. 
If you are searching for leaking water service on the Gold Coast, please get in touch with the friendly team at Fosters Plumbing on 0415 169 603. Alternatively, you can ask us a quick question or make an appointment through our booking page.