Prepare your plumbing: the Gold Coast Wet Season is here

Extreme weather conditions are part and parcel with Gold Coast living – a phenomenon your local pacific pines plumber has grown to know well. 

With the downpour comes a raft of plumbing problems if you aren’t prepared; blocked gutters, downpipe flooding, tree root pipe predicaments and all manner of roof plumbing issues.

Avoid the headaches that come with blocked drains and soggy sewer lines with our storm season maintenance tips. 

Trim trees and overhanging branches

With a season of summertime entertaining ahead, now is as good a time as any to ensure the backyard is in tip top shape. 

By removing any precarious overhanging branches, you are removing the risk of pricey damage to your property and roof plumbing.  

Cleaning up overgrown hedges, foliage from around your gutters and leaf litter from the backyard will also assist with keeping clear gutters.

While the rain can dampen our mood, our plants love the deluge! Be aware of plants and trees near sewer pipes, as root systems can wreak havoc on your sewer drain system.

Inspect gutters

Your gutters perform the highly important function of diverting water away from your home, but this cannot be done properly if they are cluttered with leaves and other debris which has built up over time.

Performing a gutter clean will ensure your drain pipes from overflowing, preventing potential internal water damage in your ceiling or walls.

It goes without saying that water and electricity are a chaotic mix, so keeping your ceiling dry with some quick and easy preventative maintenance is key. 

While you have the ladder handy, check the condition of the roof and repair any loose tiles, eaves and screws. 

If you don’t feel safe or confident working at heights, don’t hesitate to call your roof plumber out for an inspection. 

In the event of a cyclone, turn off your gas and water 

To enable fast action in an emergency, draw a map of your property and clearly mark the location of your electrical switchboard, natural gas connection or tanks, water supply and keep this with your Household Emergency Plan.

Any gas installations damaged in severe weather conditions should be properly checked by a licensed Gold Coast gasfitter, before the gas supply can be turned on again. 

Be sure to keep your natural gas utility provider’s emergency information on hand and in the event of smelling gas/odour, leave the immediate area and call the utility promptly. 

Before a cyclone or storm hits, unplug all electrical equipment to protect against possible power surges or spikes during the cyclone or when power is restored.

If you need to go outside, be aware of any felled powerlines or trees, broken water and sewage lines, loose roof sheeting and other material.

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