Fosters Plumbing adds blockage busting technology

Fosters Plumbing is proud to unveil the newest addition to its arsenal of cutting edge plumbing equipment, with owner operator Nathan taking the plunge and purchasing his own locally made Sprintjett drain cleaning water jetter.

Having noticed an increased demand for complex blocked drain assistance, Nathan knew it was in the best interest of his current and future clients to utilise the heavy duty equipment to provide the best possible plumbing service. 

A water jetter is a high pressure drain machine which works in a similar fashion to a domestic pressure washer, with a lot more power behind it. 

“Water under 5000 psi of pressure goes through the machine and blasts down the line,” Nathan said. 

“What it will do is cut through little tree roots or break up stubborn blockages in the sewer pipes and force them out of the pipes.”

Photo courtesy of Pulse Power Equipment

The jetter comes with a number of different attachments for various functions, including:

  • Predator Penetrating Nozzle: This is the first nozzle to be used to clear the initial blockage.
  • Thruster Nozzle: This nozzle has 6 rear jets and is designed to quickly penetrate a blockage. It can be used in conjunction with the Predator nozzle. 
  • Root Cutting Nozzle: This is the last of the cutters to go down into the pipes once the blockage has been removed. This attachment helps to clean your pipes in the aftermath.

“It is not uncommon that once you get rid of the main blockage and put the camera down, you can’t see anything and you won’t find what the blockage was, because it is gone,” Nathan said. 

“The only thing that will indicate what it was is if there is a broken section of pipe which has the remains of the tree roots still dangling.

“Obviously this situation will not resolve itself, so we will need to dig up and repair that section.”

Increased efficiency

The equipment will make the process of solving blockage issues a faster and more efficient process, especially when combined with Fosters Plumbing’s new drain camera system and locator device. 

The camera is used to conduct a drain inspection to identify the location of blockages or damage, giving the Gold Coast plumbers a clearer idea of the issue they are tackling. 

The licensed plumber can then use the locator device to pinpoint the position of the camera, and take a reading of how deep it is underground. 

This takes the guesswork out of the diagnostic phase, allowing for a less invasive and time saving solution.

The Pacific Pines plumber said the equipment upgrade would allow the local plumbers to branch out.

“Instead of outsourcing, we can now do it all ourselves,” he said. 

“It is another specialised piece of kit which will go towards growing Fosters Plumbings capabilities.”

What are the warning signs of a blocked sewer?

There are a number of warning signs which can indicate you may have a blocked toilet or sewer pipe. Some may be fairly obvious – such as an overflowing toilet or kitchen sink – while others can be easier to brush off. 

Here are some of the tell-tale signs of blocked drains:

  • An unpleasant smell wafting from your drainage system
  • A gurgling noise coming from your toilet, sink or shower as the water drains
  • Sewerage or greywater overflowing from your outside drain
  • Your basin, shower or bath is slow to drain

What can cause blocked drain? 

When it comes to Gold Coast blocked drains, prevention is key. It all comes down to one simple rule – only flush the three P’s: pee, poo and paper. 

Yet many residents still attempt to flush a number of foreign objects into their sewer drain, with “flushable” wipes one of the number one culprits for causing stubborn blockages. 

“Flushable wipes are made from the same material as your baby or disinfectant wipes, so even though they say they are flushable, they still build up over time,” Nathan said. 

 “When we remove them, it is like pulling out one big long towel from your pipe. They clump together and are probably the worst thing you can put down your pipes.”

The other items often found to be blocking drain pipes in homes are:

  • Paper towel
  • Sanitary items (sanitary napkins and tampons)
  • Condoms
  • Kitty Litter
  • Cooking grease and oil (this can be avoided by regularly flushing boiling or hot water down your kitchen sink)
  • Hair
  • Kitty litter

While hair can be difficult to stop from entering your drains, the other items on this list should always be disposed of into the bin. 

Resolve your blockage problems with Fosters Plumbing 

Fosters Plumbing provides a complete range of plumbing service in the Gold Coast area, from blocked drains to leak detection.

With help from our new equipment, our team will identify the source of your plumbing issues and will provide a prompt, cost-effective solution. 

If you have noticed any of the tell-tale signs pointing to a blocked drain, contact our team of Gold Coast emergency plumbers today on 0415 169 603.