The 5 Most Common Plumbing Mistakes That Homeowners Should Avoid

The plumbing systems in our homes consists of many technical elements that can’t always be fixed by the handy home plumber. Although there are certainly a few different little jobs that you can undertake at home, a lack of experience or plumbing knowledge can lead to mistakes being made. There are a number of different common plumbing mistakes which can easily be made when undertaking any plumbing work on the Gold Coast. The team at Fosters Plumbing on the Gold Coast have put together this short list on some of these common plumbing mistakes, so that you can become aware of them and avoid them at all costs in the future. 

1. Over-tightening plumbing connections

Without the required experience, people often experience plumbing issues at home as a result of over-tightening fittings, or toilet bolts in an attempt to fix something. This over-tightening can actually lead to a cracking of the fitting, leaving you with a much larger issue than you first had. What makes this matter even more alarming is that sometimes the fixture may not break right at the time of tightening, instead, the issue may worsen and lead to it bursting after a few days. That small leaky tap could lead to extensive flooding in your home if you make this mistake. 

2. Forgetting to turn off the water

When you’re in the midst of trying to work out how to fix that valve, you may fall into the trap of another common plumbing mistake of forgetting to turn off the water. If you do make this costly mistake, removing that old valve could see your bathroom or kitchen sink being flooded with water. Always make sure that the main water supply valve is off before undertaking any plumbing work at home, otherwise, you could be creating an expensive mess. 

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3. Not having the right tools for the job

Having the right tools for the job might seem like an obvious thing, but many homeowners try to take shortcuts in fixing their plumbing issues with inappropriate equipment. This is one of the key distinguishing factors between an amateur and a professional plumber in Pacific Pines. Trying to make do with the tools that you have can lead to disastrous results. For example, you should never try to use slip-joint pliers on an old galvanized pipe fitting, as you could actually end up breaking the pipe.

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4. Wrapping a thread tape backwards

This is another common plumbing mistake that we see being done across the Gold Coast. In order for it to work correctly, Teflon tape must be wrapped clockwise around the threads of a fixture. If you do wrap the tap backwards, it can actually unwind from the threads as you begin to tighten the fitting. This means that the tap will not provide a seal, as it isn’t correctly embedded in the threads. Always ensure that you are wrapping the right type of tape in a clockwise direction to avoid this mistake. 

thread tape backwards - common plumbing problems Gold Coast

5. Using chemical drain cleaners unnecessarily

A blocked drain is always an inconvenient plumbing problem to encounter, and we typically want to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this means that many people will simply grab a toxic chemical drain cleaner and use a hefty amount of it in an attempt to unblock the drain. These toxic chemicals are never the best solution for the problem, and using it too often can actually cause damage to your pipes, potentially resulting in leaks. 

Using a snake or a barbed drain cleaning tool is a much more efficient and environmentally friendly method of unblocking your drain. If you still can’t resolve the issue, it’s best to leave the job to a professional Gold Coast plumber, like the ones at Fosters Plumbing.

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As discussed, although some little jobs can be fixed quite simply at home by the average person, there does come a time when you need to call upon a Gold Coast plumber to help with your plumbing. The experts at Fosters Plumbing possess the right equipment and extensive knowledge of the trade of plumbing, helping to address all sorts of plumbing issues that you may have. Call Fosters Plumbing today on 0415 169 603, or send us an enquiry online.