Are you storm ready? Preparing for the Gold Coast wet season

With the mercury set to rise in the coming weeks, we once again welcome the Gold Coast wet season and the classic storms that come with it. 

While the storms can put on an incredible light show, they are also capable of wreaking havoc on your home and roof plumbing if you are not prepared for the impending torrential rains and high winds. 

While it is not always 100% possible to prevent your home from taking a beating, there are plans to put in place and maintenance works to undertake which will reduce your risk.


Check and clear your gutters


One thing is a given in the gold coast wet season: rain, and plenty of it. Your gutters perform the highly important function of diverting water away from your home, but this cannot be done properly if they are cluttered with leaves and other debris which has built up over time. 

When your gutters are blocked, you face the risk of them overflowing, which can lead to major water ingress in your home. While this may cause significant internal water damage in your ceiling or walls, it can also cause electrical lines to spark and potentially start a fire. 

The simplest way to prevent this from occurring is to get up on a ladder and clear the debris with your hands. Once most of the leaves have been removed, use your hose to rinse the remaining sediment away. 

This is also a good time to inspect the gutters for wear and tear, such as loose screws or brackets, rusted areas or sections that seem disjointed from the remainder of the system. 

For a longer lasting solution, you should consider installing gutter guards to prevent leaves and other debris from making its way into your roof plumbing system – especially if you have a number of trees on your property.

If you are not confident in working at heights or do not have the correct safety equipment to undertake this task, get in touch with our Gold Coast plumbers who will be able to assist. 


Inspect your downpipes


Once you have thoroughly inspected your gutters to ensure they are in full working order, it is important to also check your downpipes – especially since you have rinsed away debris which could have become stuck in this section of the system.

Your downpipes direct rainwater into drainage, preventing flooding around your home. Ensuring your downpipes are clear is an important step in your storm ready plan and should not be overlooked.  


Check for blockages around your home


It is not only your roof plumbing that should be blockage free when it comes time for the Gold Coast wet season. If you have noticed gurgling sounds coming from your pipes, a nasty smell or slow drainage, you may have a blockage in your system. Flawless drainage is important when we are being inundated with rain, so it is important to get in touch with your local pacific pines plumber when you first notice the signs. 


Perform a garden clean up


Prevent plumbing issues before they start by clearing away any garden waste stored in your backyard. Whether it is hedge trimmings or a pile of leaves laying waste in your backyard, it is important to dispose of them before the wind and rain lands the debris in your drains and pipes. This can quickly lead to blockages and flooding. 


Be wary of tree roots


While we aren’t so fond of the rain, our plants love the extra water and sunshine. This can be a problem due, as tree and plant roots can easily compromise your drain and pipework. On the other hand, if a tree is felled during the stormy weather, it can also pull up your pipes with it. If you are concerned about tree roots becoming an issue for you this storm season, have our gold coast plumbers to inspect the situation and give advice on the best way to proceed.   


Batten down the hatches


Wind can cause just as much damage as rain, so it is important to tie down any loose items in your back or front yard which could become projectiles in gale force winds. 


Fosters roof plumbing specialists are only a phone call away


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